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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Property Available in Marin

Check out the new listing we have available in Marin!  If you're interested, please make sure you contact me with the ID number for this listing. 

Marin County #1393: Property available near Lagunitas for market gardener! This 12-acre property is mostly wooded, with three distinct spaces for market gardens: one sloped, 3/4-acre space that is lightly terraced; one flat, 1/3-acre "market garden" area with permanent beds that have been well-amended for over 20 years; and an undeveloped 1/2-acre space that has been terraced but never planted or amended. These spaces are not contiguous but are close to one another. The property is on city water, and irrigation should not be a problem. There is fencing, but it is not adequate to keep out deer. Onsite housing is available: 1BR cottage for $1000/month. Landowners are interested in working with small-scale farmers or livestock operators. Property has been maintained organically but is not certified. Owners are interested in cash lease, work/trade or partnership opportunities and are open for discussions! 

If you have not yet filled out the aspiring farmer questionnaire on our website, please make sure you do that first before you contact me! 

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  1. Thanks for the write-up about the New Property Available in Marin. I think, it's more interesting or helpful if you could add some photos regarding this property. Thanks.