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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Update on ID#1273: Housing Now Available!

I just spoke with the landowner for ID#1273, and there is now housing available on the property (it's a trailer in good condition with a lot of privacy). This could be a great situation for someone interested in starting with a small project on a raw property. Here's the updated listing

Sonoma County ID#1273: An old apple orchard near Sebastopol is available for lease. All level ground, easy access, and good water. Two different spots for farm/garden (total of over one acre). Irrigation infrastructure in one spot and not in the other. Gophers and deer (shares border with 1000 open acres). No animal fencing, though landowner is open to helping install the fencing. Housing available for one person or a couple (trailer). There is also an outbuilding set up for small livestock (chickens, goats, etc.). Interested in work/trade.

As always, please contact me with the ID# if you're interested!

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